Call it queer, disgusting, bizarre or immature—we have all given in to pimple popping at least once. And if you haven’t, you’ve definitely wanted to. It just feels So. Damn. Good.

You may have the best intentions of leaving those zits alone but one look in the mirror makes you weak. Most of us resort to popping pimples in the pursuit of embracing clear skin. While we may be well-aware of the repercussions this could have; we manage to shut all of that out for a few seconds.

The ‘let’s pop a pimple’ act can be divided into 3 key stages:

  1. Before: The tense and exciting feeling experienced by the popper
  2. During: An adrenaline rush stemming from popping pimples
  3. After: A sense of relief and happiness owing to the brain’s discharge of dopamine—a hormone that makes you feel pleasure.

Contrary to popular belief, popping pimples is the secret sauce to making the situation worse. Let’s see why…

It damages the skin

Before you give in to your pimple popping urges, take a step back and consider this: your pimple is a mix of oil, dead cells and impurities. When you pop a pimple, what you’re essentially doing is pushing the debris deeper into your skin.

The oozing pus and/or blood might lead you to believe that you’ve got it all under control. However, it’s highly probable that you’re leaving some of that gross substance behind (yikes). This will make your pimples worse or may lead to an infection of sorts.

It gives rise to more pimples

The idea is to make ‘em disappear real quick—we know it. However, popping pimples falls under the “counter-productive solutions” category. Amidst getting rid of that one pimple, you may encourage many more to set shop on your skin.

This is because the spilled-out substance can spread and give rise to more zits. Moreover, it is highly likely that to pop a pimple, you bring your hands to your face repeatedly. Hello, bacteria!

It worsens existing pimples

If you want to look top-notch for that presentation or interview or date, do anything but pop a pimple. We hate to break your bubble, but popping pimples does everything but contribute to clear skin.

All that pressure only increases inflammation and redness, making your zit(s) look more prominent than before.

It can leave scars behind

Whether it was your mom, friend or a magazine that told you about this one, they were 100% right.  Acne scars are reddish-brown marks that breakouts leave behind.

While these can occur even if you swear to leave your zits alone, they’re more likely to show up if you pop a pimple. This is because popping pimples damages your skin’s tissue. What’s worse, acne scars can take weeks or even months to fade away. Before you go down the makeup path, know that that’s just a temporary solution.

In short, before you make popping pimples your go-to pastime, consider these not-so-pretty consequences. Instead, you can stick to safer treatment options. Here are some of our favourite remedies for pimples:

Load up on water, fishy!

Drinking enough water keeps the skin hydrated and cleans it from inside out!

Keep calm

Stressing out leads the body to produce more oil, making skin more pimple-prone. So being patient is strongly advocated!

Binge on antioxidants

Antioxidants are pros at reducing inflammation caused by pimples. You can get a fair dose of it by sippin’ on some green tea and consuming foods like spinach, beans, berries, etc.

Moisturise with aloe vera

This succulent contains salicylic acid, which can go a long way in unclogging pores. Moreover, it’s extremely soothing for the skin.

Treat your skin to a DIY Mask

Ingredients in your pantry can make for some of the most effective face masks for pimples. For instance, a mixture of honey and cinnamon can wash away pimples. Take 2 tbsp raw honey and add 1 tsp ground cinnamon powder to it. Mix it up and apply this face mask to your skin after performing a patch test. Let it sit for about 10 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. Honey and cinnamon both have anti-bacterial properties—just what you need to treat pimples.

All in all, fiddling with pimple breakouts has various negative implications. Remember that breaking one bad habit can save you from a thousand skin problems.

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