, Makeup artist and comsetics brand founder Jillian Dempsey maps out the details on Fyfe Beauty, her new app where she and other makeup artist share quick makeup tutorials and product recommendations. The app is available on iOS and costs $6 for a monthly subscription., ,

When it’s necessary to stay inside as much as you can, you end up having a lot more free time — and, in turn, plenty more boredom with a side of frustration about our current reality. For those of us who are passionate about beauty, playing with makeup at home can become a coping mechanism and a way to maintain a sense of normalcy. That’s how makeup artist Jillian Dempsey is seeing things, anyway.

This month, Dempsey launched a makeup-education app she’s been working to develop for three years called Fyfe Beauty. The membership-based app is divided into two primary features, the first of which is called Shade Arcade. There, you can use your front-facing phone camera to try on a plethora of specific makeup products virtually, thanks to the help of facial-recognition technology. Right now the app can show you various lipsticks, eye shadows, eyeliners, blushes, and full makeup looks, but Dempsey says she plans to expand both the range of product types and brands featured in this section.

“You’ll notice a lot of these are the Jillian Dempsey brand; I hope to expand that into other lands with other beauty brands that want to get on this platform,” she explains. “I want to work together with other brands that see this as being a cool way to virtually shop, and I think that the virtual world now is necessary.”

Courtesy of Fyfe Beauty

The second half of the app, however, is where makeup artistry itself comes into play. This portion, as of the app’s launch, features 67 different video tutorials across seven categories with tips on makeup basics like how to prep skin for base products, how to apply cream highlighter, and how to tightline eyes with pencil liner. You might be thinking that there are other places on the Internet where you can learn this kind of stuff, but as Dempsey says, her quick video bites cut out the time and chit-chat some people don’t want in their beauty how-tos.

“If you’re going on an app, why would you want to have to go through listening to, ‘Oh, what’s going on with me and my hair and here’s my joke for the day’?” Dempsey explains. “You want to get on an app, and you want to see how this is going to provide a service for you,” Not only does the platform cut down on time and guesswork with close-up shots and simple instructions, it will also provide one curated space where other professional makeup artists can share their own signature looks and tips.