It’s funny how we women, as a community, have been waging a collective war against acne for the longest time but still haven’t realised that the way we take care of our hair has a lot to do with our breakouts. Well, you’re not alone if you never made that connection. As they say, better late than never.

Time to give a break to those expensive acne-clearing formulas and turn to these skin-saving hair hacks instead. Let’s find out which of these hair care mistakes are you guilty of…

Your favourite hair product is the culprit

Yes, we know you adore your hair conditioner, but your skin probably doesn’t agree. While oil-based hair products wreak havoc on acne-prone skin, specific ingredients like petroleum, silicone, cocoa butter, mineral oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil and lanolin are known to trigger acne when they come in contact with skin. Our last word on this would be to spend more time reading the ingredient label as a preventative measure.

Do you have dandruff?

This is no news; dandruff is a repeat offender when it comes to pesky acne breakouts. This is primarily because both these concerns are triggered by excessive oil production. Plus, the fact that dandruff flakes clog the pores of your skin, especially your forehead, makes matters even worse. To simplify things, treat your dandruff first.

Your shower routine needs fixing

Fun fact: An easy rearrangement of your shower routine might be enough to curb an acne attack. As a thumb rule, always wash your hair before you wash your body and face. This makes sure that you step out of the shower with a squeaky-clean face. Also, if you’re not rinsing your hair after a sweaty workout session, know that we’re waving the red flag at you RN.

You’re sleeping wrong

If you’ve not washed your locks right before hitting the bed, a safer option would be to pull it back in a loose topknot while you sleep. This is essential to avoid rolling around in your hair’s oils and residue all night, which can further aggravate acne. For greater caution, we recommend you catch your zzz’s with your hair wrapped in a scarf.

Your skin isn’t fond of hairstyling formulas

An army of hair styling sprays, mousses and gels is non-negotiable in tress town, but did you know that these leave-in formulas clog pores along your hairline? No, don’t toss them out yet, just wash your face after styling your mane and before starting makeup. In the case of sprays, use a comb to apply the formulas instead of spraying it directly.

Your hair is always on your face

Bangs look cute and all but have a high probability of causing breakouts on your forehead due to natural oils that irritate your skin. Similarly, not tucking your locks behind your ears can make your cheeks a hotspot for acne. Lastly, we cannot stop stressing on this enough, but stop touching your hair and then touching your skin!

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