All that hype about beauty sleep is quite valid. Your skin performs crucial functions of repair and renewal while you’re snoring away in glory. Moreover, in the absence of environmental stressors and films of makeup, products penetrate the skin much better.

This is why skin experts swear by an efficient nighttime skincare routine. We know what you’re thinking…skincare before shut-eye? That’s just no-go!

However, with these skincare products on your night stand, you can practice skincare atop a mattress. Sounds good?

A hydrating night cream

While the idea of moisturising before bed may sound trivial, the benefits it has to offer are exceptional. Daily life can put the skin through a lot. Think sun damage, bacterial growth, unfavourable weather and so on.

Night creams help reverse all of these, in addition to renewing the cells and feeding the skin with nutrients. Moreover, they lock in necessary moisture, so that you wake up looking fresh as a daisy!

Oh, and the most important one—making creams part of your nighttime skincare routine will boost collagen (the protein that keeps your skin firm) thus keeping ageing and wrinkling at bay.

A trusty lip serum

Raise your hand if you agree that cracked lips are one of the most uncomfortable feelings in the world!

Slathering on a layer of lip serum before bed will keep your lips supple and moist. While lip balms keep the lips hydrated by forming a barrier, lip serums are designed to penetrate deeper. thanks to the smaller molecules.

Lips serums are especially important for all the women that regularly wear matte lipsticks. The pop of colour that lipsticks add to your look is great but many of them are known for drying the lips. Matte lipsticks, for instance, have more wax and less oil, thus leading to dehydration.

A fuss-free makeup remover

We know all that goes into perfecting your makeup but sleeping in it is just a big no-no.

Blocked pores while sleeping are unpleasant for the skin, and makeup is the #1 culprit. It can cause breakouts, wrinkling, dryness and dullness.

So do you have a makeup remover on your night stand yet?

P.S: You can also have a pack of cleansing wipes handy for days when you’re either too exhausted, too drunk or both!

A reliable eye cream

FYI, the skin around your eyes is the thinnest and most delicate. This makes caring for the under-eye areas crucial.

Applying an eye cream as part of your night routine will help ward off fine lines, crow’s feet and dark circles. Additionally, eye creams help prevent under-eye puffiness.

Let’s put an end to the “did you not sleep last night?” questions already.

A handy dandy detangling brush

This may be an unpopular opinion but brushing your tresses before bed is a must. Its benefits go way beyond detangling.

Brushing can help avoid breakage, eliminate dead cells, boost cell renewal, and spread natural oils on your scalp evenly. Talk about silky hair!

A tall glass of water

Folks, your nighttime skincare routine would be incomplete without water. The skin naturally loses out on moisture through the night. This is why you may wake up with your skin feeling tight and dehydrated on some mornings.

To avoid looking run down, there exists a product-less solution—drink water. This magic drink also helps the body rid itself from toxins and impurities. So, repeat after us: A glass of water before bed keeps dullness away!

A cutesy eye mask

Although many of us wear eye masks on flights, very few would have them placed on their night stand.

If you’re someone that prefers complete darkness while asleep, an eye mask is just what you need. Moreover, it also shields the skin around your eyes from any kind of damage. What a way to kill two birds with one stone!

A rich hand cream

So much for the face and nothing for your hands? Unfair. Your hands go about thousands of tasks every day, leading them to dry out. Since moisturising your hands after every wash is kind of improbable, add hand creams to your nighttime skincare routine.

This will undo the damage done during the day and prevent dryness and cracking.

All in all, with these beauty go-tos on your night stand, you’ll have no option but to fall in love with your skin on waking up.

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