Sure, face masks make for the ultimate scare pranks and they’re also pretty fun to pose in! However, little do you know, they are more than just a fun prop. Making face masks part of your daily skincare regimen can benefit your skin greatly.

By means of exfoliating and nourishing the skin, face masks can help you inch closer to your dewy skin ideal. What’s more, it’s a great way to ditch your spa session and give your skin the TLC it deserves—within the comforts of your home.

So, we’ve rounded up 6 benefits of face masks that will make you fall head over heels with these unsung heroes! Ready?

They help you feel relaxed

Amidst going to work, socialising with your pals, getting 8 hours of sleep, drinking enough water and staying up-to-date on your favourite Netflix shows, skincare would be the last thing to cross your mind. We get it.

However, a few minutes set aside for nurturing your skin can be extremely therapeutic. Plus, face masks are the ultimate #selfcare go-tos and can help you unwind in a pinch. Light up some candles, put on your favourite tunes and let your mask work its magic on your skin.

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Remember—skincare doesn’t have to be a 10-step process!

They de-clog pores

Your daily routine can cause a lot of gross stuff to clog your pores—think pollution, dust, sweat and oil. Reading this made you frown, didn’t it? Truth is, your skin could be living with this dirt.

Clogged pores are the biggest invitation to acne, blackheads, whiteheads and many other skin problems. This is because they are a breeding ground for bacteria, which eventually leads to a flurry of breakouts.

Face masks can equip you to fight these pesky breakouts. For instance, peel off charcoal masks eliminate impurities by sticking to them. On the other hand, some masks may contain chemical exfoliators like glycolic acid that can dissolve all that dirt.

They offer deep cleansing

Modern-day life exposes our skin to a multitude of environmental stressors. In this light, regular cleansing is necessary, for it keeps the surface of the skin clean. However, is it really enough?

A great facial mask won’t stop at cleansing just the epidermis—the surface of the skin. It will go the extra mile and pull out impurities from the deeper layers of your skin. While this may not directly enhance the appearance of your skin, its benefits will be felt over time. Think lesser breakouts and younger skin. Now, who doesn’t want that?

They stimulate blood circulation

Although this is one of its unpopular claims to fame, it’s a really beneficial one. Typically, using a face mask involves massaging it on the skin, letting it dry and peeling or rinsing.

This process—especially the hardening and removal of masks, causes blood vessels in the skin to expand, thus stimulating blood circulation. This helps with delivering essential nutrients to the skin cells and carrying away toxic wastes, pathogens and impurities. Result? Clearer skin.

They delay skin ageing

We get it—you’re too busy fixing acne and have hardly given premature ageing a thought. Turns out the first few signs of ageing actually show on your skin when you hit 25 (Ouch!).

Lucky for you, face masks can turn back time and make your skin look younger and feel smoother—just like butter. Yum! This is because some face masks are spiked with anti-ageing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, collagen, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. These components work to ward off fine lines and restore elasticity leaving you with baby-like skin.

They improve your overall skincare regimen

Face masks are a cracker of a product because they also enhance the application of the rest of your skincare. You may be using the best moisturisers and the best serums; but what if your skin isn’t taking in any of that?

This is why you need face masks. By deeply cleansing your skin and opening up the pores, it helps your hydrating, exfoliating and protecting products to work their magic faster and better.

So, what’re you waiting for? Healthy skin is just a face mask away!

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