It’s that time of the year again! The summer season in our country is a bittersweet emotion — while our taste buds are super thankful for all the mangoes and popsicles, our skin doesn’t quite share the exhilaration. Year after year, it seems like summer skincare is a task that none of us are ever ready for.

Good thing, we’ve rounded up a list of the most effective summer skincare tips well in advance, so you have time to go swap-swap-swap with your beauty shelf.

Load up on sunblock

Repeat after us—“sunscreen is my BFF”. You know you’ve been a bad girl if you’ve been slyly skipping sun protection during the rest of the year. But you most certainly need ‘physical’ protection from UV rays in the form of physical sunscreens. They might be slightly thicker in consistency but they protect the skin by physically blocking and reflecting UV light. These contain either Titanium Dioxide or Zinc Oxide.

Switch to a deep-cleansing facewash

An ideal summer skincare routine is incomplete without deep cleansing since your sweat glands work day in and day out during this time. While your skin may feel dry after switching on the air-conditioner, the residual sweat that’s settled in your pores will be the cause of a big, painful zit the next morning. A deep cleansing face wash will pull out the gunk from your pores without drying out the skin. Sounds good?

Rely on exfoliation

Another summer skincare essential is a master exfoliator. While it’s important to exfoliate all year round, your skin certainly needs it more during the humid months to effectively get rid of sweat and dead skin. And don’t just stop at your face, invest in a body scrub for all-round summer exfoliation.

Invest in a lightweight moisturiser

No list of summer skincare tips is complete without harping on the need to chuck heavy skin creams for lighter hydrating formulas. Get a water-based moisturiser to the task. Not only are they non-greasy, but they also promise maximum absorption and zero clogged pores, which is exactly what our skin requires! Since air conditioners tend to cause the skin to turn dry, a water-based moisturiser will play a huge role in sealing in the moisture.

Always have a face mist handy

Transitioning to summer skincare is tough, especially since the weather zaps your skin of all moisture. Enter facial mists. Sorry to burst your bubble but a face mist isn’t just expensive bottled water. Worthy of a quick midday spritz; their merits are many. Apart from acting as a quick pick-me-up, they seal in moisture, eliminate excess oil and help control summer breakouts.

Go makeup-free more often

If you’re still not in love with your bare, makeup-free face, this summer might just be a good time. We’re not asking you not to doll up occasionally but embrace the au-naturale makeup look for the hot season. Let the heavy-duty foundations and concealers be, seize the day with just a hint of mascara and lip gloss.

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